Search Tactics and Rescue/Recovery

Our funding comes from generous donations from organizations, businesses, and individuals as well as grants.


S.T.A.R.R. offers public demonstrations featuring odor wall and boxes as well as bite work.

E-mail us for details!


Some of our missions have included:

  • Lost hikers/ATV riders
  • Individuals with Alzheimer's
  • Individuals with Autism
  • Water recoveries
  • Despondents
  • Lost/Missing children
  • Victims of foul play

TheS.T.A.R.R. Team is headquartered in Swansea, South Carolina and serves the Carolinas and surrounding states. made up of an all volunteer, highly trained group of professionals who give unselfishly of their time and resources to help bring home missing persons.  We respond to requests by official agencies  to provide ground teams, specially trained K-9s, and ATVs for urban and rural  search/recovery requests. Additionally, we can offer resources  and equipment in the event of a natural disaster.