The odor walls are built to order so allow 1 to 2 weeks to build and deliver.  We will deliver for free up to 100 miles from our location.  The walls are build only using premium treated lumber and then again weatherproofed.  

They can be painted to any color you wish.

  • All the PVC is thick wall  
  • All wood is treated and then treated again with water seal
  • Everything is screwed with galvanized nails
  • Odor cartridges are included
  • Very sturdy and cannot be tipped over by canine
  • Build for passive or aggressive indications 

E-Mail us for purchasing details!


Odor wall - $800.00

Odor wall with casters - 900.00

Painting fee - $30.00

Free delivery within 100 miles

Odor walls can be made portable with casters so that they can be easily moved around.

Our odor walls are made at our headquarters by our members

E-Mail us for purchasing details!

Odor can be place either in the top or the bottom with screw tight lids.  

‚ÄčSearch Tactics and Rescue/Recovery


Set of 4 scent boxes - $150.00

Painting fee - $ 10.00

Delivery fee - Free within 100 miles

After 100 miles - $30.00

Scent boxes are also made at our head quarters by our members. 

  • light weight
  • treated wood
  • easy latch for open and closing
  • Piano hinged on odor box